The Golden Rule

The comic book community is full of all kinds of people.  We come from many different places and backgrounds and we are all trying to climb the same ladder of success in comics.  I don’t care who you are.. who you THINK you are.. or what you have accomplished, it is NOT acceptable to treat people in the comics community with anything less than respect and civility.  What this means is.. if someone asks you a question.. that person deserves the decency of a response.  An honest answer.  Maybe the answer is not what you think they want to hear, but ultimately we are all human beings and we all deserve the courtesy of a professional response when asking a professional question.

Being aloof, ignoring other creators, dropping “social cues” as your passive aggressive response to what you perceive is a conflict.. because you are too spineless to just address another comics professional man to man, woman to woman.. or man to woman.. is unacceptable.  No one has time for games.  No one has time to decipher “clues” and “hints” and by all means NO one has time to waste pursuing a dead end opportunity.   I was once told by a very self absorbed writer that “a non-response is a response in and of itself.”  No.. it’s not.  If I ask you a question and you ignore me.. all that is is being rude.  I for one have NO time to waste with rude and inconsiderate people.

So, as you progress along the road of your career in comics, remember that no matter how far you get.. no matter where you end up going.. and no matter where you want to be, you started at the beginning.  You started at ground zero.  We all started at the same place.  Don’t turn into a jerk.. and don’t treat people in any other way than how you yourself would want to be treated.   Because whether you believe it or not.. Karma can truly be a real bitch!

Good luck and God bless!

By gdan75

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